Birgit R. Westphal


Bee R. Westphal is the Chairman/Strategy:  Prior to joining Building Drops, Mrs. Birgit R. Westphal was CEO and President of Rohwedder, Inc., a leading organization focusing on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of specialized precision vacuum systems. Mrs. Westphal also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Rohwedder Automated Systems Inc., a leading designer of assembly automation systems. The individual companies that comprise the Rohwedder Group are recognized internationally for assembly„ testing, robotic, vacuum coating, vision, and materials handling technology and provide automated solutions applications For microelectronics, precision optics, data storage, automotive, telecommunications, renewable energy, consumer products, and medical/pharmaceutical Industries. Before her role as CEO, Bee held the position of Managing Director of the Industrial/Manufacturing Practice of Christian & Timbers in Chicago. She also Functioned as the Global Leader Automotive Practice with Ray & Berndtson and served as Principal, Industrial Practice with Russell Reynolds Associates. Earlier in her career, she ran her own consulting firm in Germany and in Canada. Bee has extensive business experience with a Focus on building deep-seeded customer relationships, consulting, industrial, and operational issues in North America, South America, and Europe. Mrs. Westphal is a member of the Detroit and Toronto Chapters of the Women's Automotive Association International, the Midwest Regional Chapter of the German American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, Illinois, and the Corporate Sponsorship Committee for the AIDS Foundation in Canada. Mrs. Westphal received her formal education in Germany,