ADDED SERVICE August 1st, 2020

Commercial Building Component Field Inspection Services 

We monitor the installation of building envelope components and verify compliance with all permit documents, test reports, and building code requirements. We provide an inspection report of potential issues and cost estimates on the repair work that may be necessary to improve the building's envelope.


  • Performing inspection of residential and commercial building components, while applying practical working knowledge of construction practices to determine if building components are correctly installed.

  • Utilization of building schematics, architectural drawings, and engineering plans for both new construction and renovation projects.

  • Communication with building managers, tenants, legal representatives, engineers, and experts regarding the findings noted on the inspection report.

  • Inspection of roofing systems, cladding, windows, sliding glass doors, storefronts, curtain walls, skylights, railings, and louvers, in residential homes, commercial buildings, and high-rise applications.


The Value of Building Component Field Inspections

The building component field inspection and accompanying services are designed to give our commercial and residential customers peace of mind, knowing that the construction work on their building has been thorough and detailed to prevent or correct potential problems.


The field inspection is essential in ensuring that your system is well-protected, as components of a building's architecture can lead to higher susceptibility to damage, creating safety issues. We will also analyze the surrounding structure to identify potential weaknesses and deficiencies and recommend proper solutions. This may include improvements to the building's structure.