Hermes F. Norero P.E.


Mr. Hermes F. Norero is the founder and president of Building Drops, Inc. The concept Building Drops first arose after realizing whilst working for a product approval company in Florida that technology and engineering, coupled with excellent customer service and problem solving was needed. His experience and travel throughout the US, Europe and Asia made Mr. Norero realize what was needed in the fenestration industry. Through his previous work experience with new engineering ideas and innovative changes in technology and design, helped him design one of the first solar coating machine for a leading manufacturer here in the USA. As a practicing engineer in all aspects of mechanical design and project management, he has worked with companies such as LLNL, Pratt, and Whitney, Lockhead and several other major manufacturers. Additional experience includes the creation of conceptual drawings for complex projects and utilizing his natural ability to identify, troubleshoot, and provide solutions to mechanical issues. Mr. Norero has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and he is presently a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer and is pursuing additional licenses in other coastal states.