BUILDING DROPS is a unique engineering consulting company.  Our privately held entity is comprised of several diverse divisions, with a focus on the fenestration industry.  Our expertise allows us to be an integrated partner in the building industry in order to provide all aspects of resources, broadened by our global expertise and experience in technology and automation.  We have the ability to expand and help our customers to work not only for today's market, but also for tomorrow's market.
Our founder and partners have combined knowledge with fenestration, automation, vacuum coating, product testing, as well as design.  Our company strategy is to find the best solutions for our customer to provide innovative solutions for today and tomorrow's markets.  We work directly with our customers and always strive to provide that "little bit extra" as we appreciate all the business we receive.  In today's market, Building Drops prides itself in being a facilitator in the fenestration industry, transforming your problems into solutions.
Engineering is problem solving!!!  We offer a perfect solution in every drop!
Hermes F Norero, P.E.

Mr. Hermes F. Norero is the founder and president of Building Drops, Inc. The concept Building Drops first arose after realizing whilst working for a product approval company in Florida that technology and engineering, coupled with excellent customer service and problem solving was needed. His experience and travel throughout the US, Europe and Asia made Mr. Norero realize what was needed in the fenestration industry. 

Alex Spyrou, P.E.
V.P. Engineering Operations
New York

Mr. Alex Spyrou is a licensed Professional Engineer with a total of 15 years experience. He is licensed in 14 states. The First 9 years entailed working as a structural engineer on the designs of new residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as numerous renovation projects. These designs utilized all types of materials, including wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum.

Birgit Westphal


Bee R Westphal is the CFO/Strategy and Founder:  Prior to the opening of Building Drops, Mrs. Birgit R. Westphal was CEO and President of Rohwedder, Inc., a leading organization focusing on the design, engineering., and manufacturing of specialized precision vacuum systems. Mrs. Westphal also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Rohwedder Automated Systems, Inc., a leading designer of assembly automation systems. 

Flora Veseli, P.E.

Vice President of Engineering for North East and Florida office.

Flora Veseli previously worked at Structuretec Group, where she most recently served as the Senior Project Engineer and was responsible for the design, inspection, and project management of all improvements on structural and restoration projects. Moreover, she worked on developing project scope, proposal developments, and implementation leading her team to several celebratory moments.

Matthew Spahr
Project Manager

Mr. Matthew Spahr started as an Engineering Intern at Building Drops. He graduated from the University of Central Florida, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in both Civil and Environmental Engineering. As Project Manager, Mr. Spahr oversees product approvals for the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and Texas Department of Insurance.

Jay Hadida
Director of International Business Development

As the Director of International Business Development, Mr. Jay Hadida is responsible for overseeing the international expansion of the company’s engineering and consulting services. Hadida who joined our team in 2014, is spearheading this expansion into the Americas, especially into Cabo San Lucas along with our senior team at Building Drops.

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Roberto Vargas
Architectural Draftsman

Roberto Vargas graduated from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. Prior to joining Building Drops, his experience specialized in miscellaneous steel detailing for high rise and commercial buildings. He also has prior experience working for the curtain wall industry. 

Joseph Quiñones
Office/Marketing Manager

Mr. Joseph Quinones joins our Building Drops team as the Office/Accounting Manager.  Joe has over 18 years of experience in management, finance, and sales and will enhances our team with his unique business perspective and vision. Through our growth within Building Drops and Joe's past experience will be instrumental for our overall operation of running the day to day office, says Bee R. Westphal, the CFO of Building Drops. 

Under Construction

Under Construction

Spencer Moore
Project Engineer

Spencer moved from Indiana in 1997 and has spent most of his life in South Florida graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Mechanical Systems. While in school, Spencer worked on various design projects, culminating with his senior design project to design, build, and test a solar powered hot water heater.

Lukas Simons
Junior Engineer

Lukas graduated from Florida Atlantic University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Throughout his college career, Lukas had the opportunity to work on various projects relating to hydraulics, traffic engineering, as well as soil mechanics.  For his senior design project, he worked on designing and building a two-story restaurant for the city of Boca Raton, FL

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Hermes F Norero, P.E., President