Neha Saste

Engineering Intern

Neha from Pune, India, has completed her Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from the University of Pune, India in August 2017 with always a determination of accelerating the world she started her master’s in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) at the University of South Florida in August 2018 expecting to graduate in December 2020. While serving the University of South Florida, Saksham Mechanical Industries, Pune and Spark-line Equipment, Pune as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant, Mechanical Design Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer Intern. Neha has decided to build on these refined strengths of CAD drawings, manufacturing techniques, project management, research, technical troubleshooting, and problem resolution accepting an internship with Building Drops, Inc. She has joined Building Drops in Summer 2020 as an Engineering Intern where she is responsible for CAD designs of windows, doors, and other products.  Producing installation details as well as actively engaged in determining the failure modes due to wind, thermal, snow loads, as well as, building movements. Neha says, "Looking forward to bringing the full value of my skills, experience, and knowledge by contributing my energy and time to the Building Drops, Inc. as an Engineering Intern."