Building Drops Inc., Is a one-stop engineering and consulting service company that provides product manufacturers with a one-stop solution to get products from prototype to state and county certification.


With our services, your company can focus on the other business tasks, knowing that out professional associates and experienced staff are handling the product approval and certification process from start to finish


Offering Documentation, Design, and Consulting Services to many companies throughout the United States and Worldwide, Building Drops prides itself in always being driven by customer service and providing that "little bit of extra service."



Consulting Services include:


  • Product Approved Deadlines

  • Product Design

  • Product Performance Evaluations (per ASIM, AAMA, IBC, ICC Standards)

  • Jobsite Specific Evaluations (for compliance with specified Performance requirements)

  • Test Proposals

  • Pre Test Calculations (anchor/structural)

  • Laboratory Drawings

  • Testing Supervision

  • Installation Calculations

  • Comparative Analysis with Anchors

  • Mullion Analysis with Anchors

  • Installation Details with Calculations (wood, masonry or steel stud)

  • Site Specific Engineering




Documentation Services Include:


  • Detailed Product Installation Manuals & Instructions

  • CAD Details

  • Generation of CAD Conversion

  • Shop Drawing Preparation

  • Architectural Brochure Design

  • Architectural Electronic Catalog Design

  • Architectural Binder / Catalog Design



Design Services Include:


  • 2D to 3D Conversion

  • 3D Assembly Models

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • CNC Part Files

  • Photorealistic Product Rendering

  • Section-Cut Renderings / Diagrams

  • Photorealistic Exterior ? Interior Architectural Renderings 

  • BIM Modeling

  • Revit Family Creation 

  • Structural Design and Drafting

  • Contractor Services

  • Google Sketch Up



Steel Services Include:


  • Structural Steel Connection Design

  • Structural Steel Shop and Erection drawings Creation

  • Design and detailing of miscellaneous items, such as Stairs, Stair Rails, Guardrails, etc...

  • Modeling/Detailing of Mechanical assemblies for Bridges

  • Design of any kind of building structures (Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Concrete and Masonry)



Rapid Prototyping Services:


  • Providing 3D parts in strong and durable ABS plastic, directly from a 3D CAD model, using 3D Rapid Prototyping

  • Rapid Manufacturing

  • 3D Technology

  • Testing your design with a prototype not only can save you time but an incredible amount of money.



Professional Engineering State Licenses

Professional Engineer Stamp: Access to licensure in 48 North America States.